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Pierre Lapointe

L'heure mauve

L'heure mauve

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L'heure mauve is a musical work by Pierre Lapointe that accompanies Nicolas Party's immersive installation at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Each of the rooms "staged" by Nicolas Party inspired Pierre Lapointe to reinterpret a classic song, in addition to inspiring a new composition. The interpretations of the classics were chosen to pay tribute to some of the greatest masters of song and classical music; Aznavour, Léo Ferré, Erik Satie, Félix Leclerc and Gilles Vigneault to name a few. In the same artistic manner as his visual artist sidekick, Lapointe created this album with the intention of highlighting a certain vision of classicism, while remaining definitely contemporary. The album is an immersive work just like Nicolas Party’s exhibition; tinged with melancholy, sumptuousness, lots of colors, imposing and sometimes disruptive. Mostly in French and supported by acoustic instrumentation, the album is composed of two instrumental pieces and 12 songs, including one in German.

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