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Jonathan Personne

Jonathan Personne

Jonathan Personne

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Jonathan Personne presents his third album, a set of gloomy tales with lively and bursting sound dynamics.

At once candid and sinister, light and brutal, this new homonymous album is built on a striking duality, established from the start by the cover - an illustration by Personne on which two children discover the remains of a corpse. The groundwork is laid for the unveiling of a mysterious world where ghostly spirits, strange presences and characters with broken destinies collide.

Composed alone with his acoustic guitar, Jonathan Personne took an unexpected turn when the Montreal singer-songwriter went back into the studio with his friends Samuel Gougoux (drums), Julian Perreault (guitar), Mathieu Cloutier (bass) and Emmanuel Éthier (production, violin, synthesizer, mellotron, vocals).

Between 60s pop references with synthetic arrangements, folk-country inspiration based on western-spaghetti imagery, samples from obscure TV shows or movies, and blistering rock grooves with overabundant guitar strings, the album scheduled for release on August 26, 2022 is a more polished and less lo-fi record than the rest of Personne's repertoire, but in an equally inventive and unpredictable vein.

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